Family Dental Services for your Whole Family


At Shepherd Dental P.C., we can provide you with family dental services for your whole family. As a San Antonio, TX family dentist, we understand the importance of preventative dental care and regular dental cleanings and examinations. In fact, we would prefer to see everyone in your family twice a year for routine dental care. This allows us to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up over time. As we do so, the chance of you or your children developing cavities, an infection, or gum disease is significantly reduced, as is the likelihood of tooth loss and the need for dentures. If you live in the 78212 area and are looking for a family dentist, call (210) 820-0400 to schedule a dental examination. Let our office staff know how many people there are in your family, so we can schedule appointments for everyone at the same time. Our goal is to make receiving dental care as convenient as possible and this is one way we can do so.

When you visit our office for routine dental care, we will begin by conducting a physical examination and taking x-rays. This will help us to identify if you have any oral health problems that need to be addressed. For example, if you have an infection, we can identify and treat it by completing a root canal. Early detection and treatment is critical for preventing oral health problems from worsening to the point of tooth loss and the need for restorations like dentures. If you are otherwise healthy, we will complete your dental cleaning and examinations by using dental tools to remove the plaque and tartar that have built up since your last visit.

In our San Antonio dental office, we have found that many people are unaware of why preventative dental care is so important. When we complete a dental cleaning and examinations, we are doing more than simply helping your breath to smell fresh and your teeth to shine. We are also reducing the likelihood that you will develop gum disease. This is a condition that impacts the majority of adults, with how severely being highly dependent upon how often you receive routine dental care. As a family dentist, we understand how critical it is to prevent gum disease because it can cause the gums to become red, swell, bleed, and even recede. As they do, the tooth structure and roots can become exposed and open for attack. In many cases, this has led to bone and tooth loss.

As a family dentist, our goal is to provide you with the preventative dental care you need to avoid common problems like toothaches and more severe issues like gum disease. Working together, we can keep your mouth healthy and your teeth intact, so you do not suffer early tooth loss and need to wear dentures or seek another form of tooth replacement. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for routine dental care, call (210) 820-0400.

When you come in, remember to let us know about any other health concerns that you have. In addition to providing you with preventative dental care, we are a sleep apnea dentist who can fit you for nightguards, a cosmetic dentist who can provide you with a teeth whitening treatment, and a family dentist who can straighten your teeth using orthodontics, braces, or retainers. To discuss any of these solutions, call (210) 820-0400.

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